Sonic - Rise of Robotnik

    Many thanks to all those who helped make this, my first demonstrate game. It's been a year in the making (with a lot of hiatuses in the middle) but it's finally done. I've learned a TON from doing it, and I expect everyone loves it! EDIT: A demo for the second game is now out, which can be played here - Also, I've began a smallish google site to keep track of this stuff, and have posted a full guide for this game. Here is the link (remember to remove the space that Newgrounds puts in) - ===== ===== EDIT: Big thanks to idkmyname13 for making a guide, available here - http://idkmyname13.newgro EDIT: Preloader and consent episode updated. HOPEFULLY this new preloader works. If it doesn't, I blame Newgrounds (hey, I just downloaded it from them:P) If you like this game, satisfy recommend it for the Adult Games collection. Pretty please?
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