"MILFshore" is an erotic themed game that combines two basic gameplay schemes - visual novel and point-and-click quest. You will be playing as young dude who still lives at his parents house but looks like pretty soon his relations with them are about to get on the next level... but before anything special will happen you will have to find the way through a lot of routine things and explore each room in the house. Sometimes you will be allowed to choose between several actions that will affect the overall progress one or another way. Also pay attention on what the NPC that you will meet tell you because it will help you to navigate around the world or at least will give you a hint on what to do next or you might stuck in the very beginning and not see any hentai content at all!
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Crimson keep 1

RPG style adventure with a lot of interesting elements where you will get the chance to become one very stunning devil whose usual activities of raiding harpies nests was interrupted by an unexpected summoning to... his home?! Looks like some diturbance in the magical world is hppening so if our guy wants to keep everything the wya he likes he better figure out what is the reaosn behind that and to find and punish all who is responsible. By the way during this"pinishing" quest you will be dealing with a lot of magical creatures and monsters some of wich you might find quite sexy looking just don't forget that these fights will be in turn-based mode so besides adventurous and hentai elements some tactical elements are also involved. Have fun!

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Crimson Keep 3

"Crimson Keep" is back with new episode which is now titled as"Chapter 3: Lumen City". The story so far - our cool devil is on the rush to Lumen city because he has very bad feeling about the fact that Lan has asked him to meet her at the entrance of this place. On his way our guy will meet some friendly characters (well, at least they were friendly in previous epsiodes but everything can chage in this one) and ofcourse some dangerous but at teh same time sexy looking enemies that he (and you as teh player) will have to fight in turn-based mode. Obviosuly to undrestand the story and characters motivations completely you should play previous episodes which you can right now find on our website... as well as the following episode so the adventure will continue!

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