You go on a trip to visit your parents. They live in another city. The sun is shining and the warm air caresses your hair. You are driving along a deserted road as if you see a dame on the side of the road. She stands near the car and wags her arms. Definitely something happened. You stop. It turns out the dame broke down the car and she can not find help for two hours. You offer to give her a lift before refueling and the dame agrees. While you drive you talk to the blonde. She has a gorgeous body and big baps. Definitely you want to see her downright naked. To do this you have to choose the right dialogue options. Be gentle and not rude. Then you can fuck this buxom blonde.
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Adult Flash Game Adult Flash Game

Meet and Fuck: Starlet Mission

It's a year 3050. After long wars male population has really decreased. So now men are like special tools to reproduce mankind only. Our hero is guy named Chuck. He has awaken and now he's ready to fuck everything that moves. Help him in this task.

Tags: hentai, big tits, fuck, adventure, star, wars, uniform, guy, meet, harem, really, male, space, special, sci-fi
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Adult Flash Game Adult Flash Game

Mizuki Rubdown

Diva Mizuki is finally back. Today she asked her egghead neighbour Baka to come over and help cleaning up her basement. But it's seems he isn't strong enough for that kind of work.

Tags: big tits, diva mizuki, meet and fuck, humor, armageddon, giant boobs
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Adult Flash Game Adult Flash Game

Quickie: Toshiko (Public)

This flash game will tell you about the adventures of an ordinary student. His name is Kaito and he lives in Tokyo. From the window of his room offers a wonderful view of the city park. One afternoon, Kaito decided to go to the park to ease off and enjoy the silence. Suddenly he hears a rustle in the bushes. From them comes a strange cat. Kaito offers him fish and the cat leaves. A few minutes later, a damsel passes by Kaito. She has a beautiful figure and big tits. And then it starts to rain. Kaito offers a damsel to carry her to the house under an umbrella. The damsel agrees... So how do you understand the main purpose of this game - to achieve the location of the damsel that would do hookup with her depraved hookup. For this you have to pick the right dialogue options. If you are rude or impudent - the game is over.

Tags: brunette, story, visual novel, choice, toshiko, quickie, oppai games
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Adult Flash Game Adult Flash Game


If you was interested in big hentai game project titled as"The legend of Lust" then you already know that ths is a game about sexy demons and succubus doing some kinky stuff with each other an dhumans who get inbetween. But when there is a hell there must be priestess of light. And in this game you will have probably the most big-boobed one of them! Just like before the game is a separate fuck-a-thon scene extracted from the original project as demo. This time you will see one big-boobed blonde priestess and her skills of handling big hard beefsticks. Later one more of her loyal servants will join the ritual. Just as before you can choose one of the action buttons and activate them to see how it will affect the scene. You can also change the background or the camera view angle.

Tags: big boobs, cumshot, facial, handjob, blonde, threesome, Legend of Lust
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HTML5 Browser Games HTML5 Browser Games

Strip Darts 21

Enough of making black jack from cards, now you will make black jack through dart table. If you do this, you will watch a tempting lesbian show on your screen. The game goes like this. You have a moving disk with numbers in front of you. You will take a shot on this. Let’s say if your dart hits number 3, 3 will be added to score, in 2nd turn if it’s 8, 8 will be added to your score and your scorecard becomes 11. You must get your score card perfect 21 neither one mark up nor one mark down. When this happen, you pass out the 1st level and lesbian show starts on your screen. In case you fail, you move one level down. Keep on doing this till you have seen every bit of lesbian show. It’s not possible to win in first round but regular play will surely give you fruitful results. One more thing your dart practice will also become sharper. Ideal from office work break, play it to release your stress.

Tags: brunette, striptease, blonde, lesbian, strip, erotic, darts, real model
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HTML5 Browser Games HTML5 Browser Games

Monster Musume Dungeons

Like in any good fantasy themed rpg you will become your path from studying at the wizardry school. But there is one interesting detail - for a long period of time this school of magic was suspposed to train only female students yet those time are over and now the very first male student is welcomed to join! And as you have probably already guessed you will be this a some sort of unique male student ofcourse! So explore the halls, look for ways to increase your talents and ofcourse have conversations (and other interactions) with other students who are all females and also quite enthusiastic to see a boy among their company. But don't forget that magic is a tough science and even the simple mistake can bring a devastating outcomes! So, when are you ready to begin?

Tags: big boobs, hentai, fantasy, adventure, group sex, rpg
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Adult Flash Game Adult Flash Game

Horny Clinic .1

The game"Horny Clinic" is about a health center where you will meet a lot of horny people - both docs and patients. But it way more complex than any game where you simply click n the screen and see how the story goes on only to display you a bang-out scene. Here you will have to explore different locations, gather and upgrade useful items, solve quests and try to find kinky fun everywhere possible! Also some variations of the matching game will be added to the process. Just pay attention to all teh tutorials at the beginning of the game and soon you will find your way to the most exciting parts of the game. And as for sexual content then here it is represented with real erotic models with a ton of hot photo materials - and who knows, may here somewhere you will meet one of your beloved adult movie stars?

Tags: adult, sex, xxx, mature, erotic
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Adult Flash Game Adult Flash Game

Meet and Fuck: Magic Book

Sherman Dooffy is high school's nerd number one. He is really smart, but other guys don't really like him. Today in the school library he's found an ancient magic book, which can change his whole life. He's fucking some bully's girlfriend in all possible ways.

Tags: hentai, funny, student, humor, 3 on 1, tortue, cake, george
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