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Tsunade in debt – Tsunade sucks Raikage’s…

Being a gambler and drinker could bring quite a lot of troubles no matter who you are - the low ranking peasant of Konoha village or the famous godaime legendary Tsunade! And if you always wanetd to knoe where this road will lead our dearest blonde milf from one of the most famous anime series then you are welcomed to follow her adventures in this hentai parody. As you know Tusnade is a gambler and looks like she was not so lucky with this passion recently and eventually she got herself into some serious debts which she is about to pay today... one way or another. Ofcourse she has no enough money so she will pick the"other" way and this way will reveal Tsunade's third side - besides being hokage and being a gambler you will see what a tart she can be!

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Candy Store - Gummy 2

This new chapter of eortic game series"Candy Shop" will actually bring some of crazy experiments from the past - this time you will continue your exploration of Gummy! So get ready to figure out how being sexy and being sticky get along together. As you will see form the very beginning the events are getting bigger this time. To be honest they will get big enough to break through the brick wall of the laboratory and escape towards the city! Yet don't even think that our heroes will try to escape their responsibilty for what will happen next (well, at leats not all of them) and watch them doing everything they can to save the city from giant monster... even if it means to fuck someone's brains out (you will understand the using of this phrase only if you will play the game by yoruself)!

Tags: creampie, cumshot, big cock, big tits, funny, humor, candy shop, big city
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The Didlers: Episode 1

This game is the very first vignette of what supposed to be a series of funny and sexy interactive adventures. It will be a story about a guy named Tommy and since this vignette is titled as"Don't call me Pillowfucker" you can already say that he is having some troubels with getting himself a real girlfriend. Even his own sister-in-law in law thinks that he is way too nerdy to get any girlfriends at all! But being nerdy means being smart and being smart means Tommy is going to figure out this problem in alternative way - by designing a very special device that will change his life and the lives of people around him forever! But what exactly this device does and how Tommy is going to use it is something that you will figure out only if you will play this game by yourself!

Tags: funny, nerd, humor, fantastic, geek, hot comics girl, serial
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Whats her brassiere size

What do you think is the size of the celebrity breasts? In this game you will be able to guess it. Look at the screen. On the right you will see a celebrity. There will be answers on the left with a breast size. You have to guess the right option. The more correct answers - the more points you score in the game. In total there will be 100 celebrities in the game. Try to guess what size breasts they have. It will be fun and interesting. In addition, you can flash off your expertise of celebrities to your friends and girlfriends. If you are ready to win this game then start playing right now - celebrities are waiting for your right answers.

Tags: boobs, celebrity, funny, xxx game, porn game, joke game
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Candy Shop - Neapolitan

Bo Peep crew keeps working hard and today they've made something brand new - ice cream girl. Entire room got really cold because of those experiments but it's definitely worth it, because she'll bring a lots of pleasure to everyone.

Tags: funny, comics, minigame, humor, candy shop, humour, Ice cream girl, candys, Bo Peep Candy Co
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Orgy Kitten: Eastern Rampage

Since you and your girlfriend Slutty McSlut live on this eastern tropical island thing are not only settled down but you even begin to think that everything is going to be fine from now one after all those adventures you tow has gone through. But this picture of paradise is shattered in one moment by one of the most trivial ways - Slutty is out of money! Yet for this time Slutty seems to have a plan on where she can get more money without oushing you into more debts - it seems that she was doing some work and if he rold boss still require for such services then you might get a chance... ofcourse this time you will be the one who will do all the job no matter what exactly the task will be. As for the gameplay it stays classic for this series so you probably already know what you have to do.

Tags: hentai, anime, furry, funny, slutty, quest, humor, asia
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Rear Guard

First of all everything you will see and hear in this erotic game is made only for fun and using the methods demonstrated here will not provide you with desirable results in real life! Making this statement was very important because in this game we will be talking about"rear guard" or in other words the ways of protecting yourself from getting fucked from behind (literally ofcoruse). If you care not for such specific humor but you enjoy wathcing uber-cute looking nekogirl getting fucked you also have a reason to watch it - there will be lots of scenes to keep you interested. And we said"watch it" on purpose as well because here you won't find any gameplay and this whole game is actually animated joke with a strong focus on sexual themes.

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Sex Kitten: Day Care

"Sex Kitten" is a streak of humorus hentai games where you have a girlfriend named Slutty McSlut. She is wooly, sexy looking and very bitchy and she is always sending you on a issions which might diminish your health level to the zero point. On the other side if you will flash some skills you can not only win the game but also to enjoy lots of jokes, funny situations and ofcourse hentai scenes! Your previous adventure (actually there was quite a lot of them already and you can find them on our website) has not ended well so now you are going to have some troubles with IRS. But don't worry - even such bitchy girlfriend as Slutty McSlut won't leave you behind... if you will be ready to pay the price for your salvation ofcourse. Which easily Can become more punishing than what was planned for you by IRS.

Tags: hentai, big tits, anime, furry, funny, humor, slutty mcslut, sex kitten
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Mature Mammas Part 2

Second story from the life a group of hot milfs from the same neighborhood. Yep, there is a whole series about them and you probably should check our website for other scenes... if you enjoy animation with adult humor and fuckfest scenes ofcourse. There is big event (well, according to the all otehr local events) is happening at Mapple Street Community Center - some famous artist is looking for a model and even has organized a casting for all who wants to try. Well, at least three of our milfs got really interested - mrs Baritone, mrs Douche and mrs Wang Nu. But what they will have to d on that casting and mor eimpotantly who will become the next for famous artist? This is something that you will find out only if you will wath this gig till the end!

Tags: redhead, animation, milf, blonde, funny, shaved, humor, artist, cartoo
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Time Breezy 3

The third epsiode of the adventures of Time Tramp has quite promising sub-title -"Time Tramp under her Big Top". The beginning of the story is quite classic for the series - main heroine who is not only very smart but also very bitchy and have big tits still willing to find a real male to satisfy her. During the time she lives there barely left any so she has constructed the time machine to search for her happiness through the history line and as we all know most of the time travels usually goes wrong at the most inconvinient moments... unless this is a game that mixes erotic and humor and such"going wrong" moments usually end up in really interesting and by all means exciting adventures! Ofcourse this travel is not going to be an exception... especially if it is going to end up in the circus!

Tags: big tits, funny, humor, circus, tarzan, virtual sex, bif boobs, time tramp, time traveling
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Adult Flash Game Adult Flash Game

Dark-hued eye for the homo man

A local hippie sits at home and watches TV. Suddenly the guests come to him. Two muscular fellows and a big-chested blonde. Her name is Charlie. Definitely they decided to have a lovemaking party. The main star of this party is big-chested blonde Charlie. She loves lovemaking and is ready to do it again and again. After a couple of minutes, Charlie takes off his clothes. And then begins sucking fat hippie dick. After that, Charlie gets on his knees and the hippie starts to fuck her in the tight backside with his dick. Charlie groans from sexual pleasure. After a couple of minutes, Charlie is ready to taste the sperm. Hippie pours tons of hot and sticky sperm onto Charlie's pretty face. And this is only the beginning of the story..

Tags: blowjob, anal, straight, blonde, funny, gay, domination, humor, holio, comedy, charlie, bukake
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Martha Screwfart fucking

Already by the name of the main heroine of this game you already can say that this is going to be an erotic parody... and when there is an erotic parody there you will always find Charlie! So the only question that left for you to answer is are you ready to enjoy funny and sexy TV showcase with two really hot ash-blonde chicks? And if the answer is yes (and we don't see why it should be any other... unless you are not in the legal age yet) then become the spectator of a very special cooking demonstrate where guests are eating not only the tasty food... Just enjoy the scenes and when it comes to choosing where this story will go next just click on one of avilabe options and keep loving! Ofcourse you can either to try all of those options or you can pick just one each time and by that to build your own unique adventure.

Tags: parody, milf, blonde, funny, lesbian, humor, choice, charlie, tv show, kitchen
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Pokemon Go Soiree

As Pokemon Go things become more and more popular here's another sex game about that. Misty invited Ash to her Pokemon Go party. It's been a long time since they met for the last time and Ash really likes sexy grown up Misty.

Tags: hentai, big tits, redhead, parody, pokemon, funny, misty, ash ketchum
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MrPinku: Let's Mix Stuff

Cool flash game in which you will have the opportunity to have fun with different chicks. But the story begins with a vampire bite. So on the screen you see a Busty beauty. She is in the cemetery blubbering. A fat vampire with a funny nose appears from behind a nearby tombstone. He decides to be noble and not kill the gal. The vampire tells the gal about the charms of eternal life and the gal asks the vampire to bite her. Mm.. Sounds tempting. The vampire bites the gal in the neck, as well as loosens his arms and massages her big peaches. The gal falls asleep and reincarnates. Now she can change her appearance and be whatever she wants. So let's start the game. There is a control panel at the bottom of the screen. Use it to change the character's appearance and interactive scenes. Read the game guide. And let's start the fun right now.

Tags: funny, superhero, sexy, surprise, humor, combinations, mrpinku, Vampyres, mixup
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Adult Flash Game Adult Flash Game

Road to lust

Very funny and interesting game. Have you seen what damsels riders have!? They are athletic and beautiful. You would like to see one of the damsels totally naked. Or maybe luck will be on your side and you will see all the damsels naked? It only depends on you. So let's start the game. To start, choose one doll. This will be the first game level. Then your mission is to move the tire box around the screen. Wheels will fall at the top of the screen. You must collect them using a box. Pay attention. If you catch the red STOP sign, then you will return to the beginning of the distance. If you catch the engine, you will get a few minutes of advantage. When the distance indicator is 100% full, you will observe the doll totally naked. Do this with other damsels.

Tags: striptease, boobs, funny, sex, arcade, erotic, catch, auto, catcher, real model
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Adult Flash Game Adult Flash Game

The swinger show

This next game is an animated story filled with romp and humor. And where you will find romp and humor - there you will find Charlie! Fan's dearest queen of hentai parodies is back and now she gets in the TV display based on films about Austin Powers - swinging secret agents! As the story will progress you will be allowed to make a choice from time to time. You won't really know what you are choosing - the choice is blind from three options. But you don't have to worry - with Chrlie almost every options means romp! Play really simple sexy mingame and move on... or get back to the choice menu and try another options if you are interested and don't want to miss even a bit of Charlie's sexual adventures! Besides this game Charlie was starring in a tones of different hentai parodies - check for them on our website!

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Adult Flash Game Adult Flash Game

Snow White and Crimson Hood

Two of the most popular heroines of fairy tales are going to join their forces so you could finally get the hentai parody of your cravings... if you have ever dreamed about hentai parody with Snow White and Red Hood ofcourse. The story here is told through colorful animations and text dialogs but not to spoil it to you we won't be telling more. Also you should be ready to witness your beloved heroines growned up into some sex industry stars with humungous bra-stuffers - but once again it won't be a problem if you have always pictured them in this way. When it comes to hookup scenes (and this will happen more than once) game is turning into simple minigame where you need to activate different sexual actions once they will become available - nothing too hard here as well.

Tags: big tits, parody, blowjob, funny, humor, red riding hood, fairy tale, snow white, fairytales, dwarf
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Adult Flash Game Adult Flash Game

Pussymon 15

A dozen and a half of vignettes and this saga about pussymons and hunters for them is not even planning to stop! Loks like you guys are lovin’ this game a lot so there is barely any need to hold you from commencing to play scene 15 (which is titled"Lord Edwin's request" by the way). So once again you and your company of frinds-slash-pussymon-hunters are getting back to the Pussymon Hunter Society to get a new mission. And looks like today you ar egoing to take mission from Lord Edwin himself which definietly goig to make this new quest very special! But ofcourse to know exactly what is so important has happened you will have to play this game by yourself. Enjoy new locations, new heroes, new animations and ofcourse new sexy pussymons for your collection!

Tags: furry, funny, adventure, pussymon, quest, humor, explore, rpg
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Sex Kitten: Mexico

The adventures of crazy and very bitchy nekogirl Slutty McSlut and her boyfriend (which is going to be the player) will continue in Mexico! And if you have played the previous gig of this game series then you already know that our couple of heroes have escaped from the maximum security prison so the choice of destination for their inevitable journey is quite obvious. But before you will get the chance to safely enjoy hot burritos and hot ladies you will have to find the way through the smallish town placed right on the border... and which you will find to be just as crazy place as the prison you have recently escaped or may be even more! Yet there is no way back now so at least try not only to survive but to have as much of hentai themed funtime as possible!

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Meet and Fuck: Magic Book

Imagine life in high school. There are authorities, but there are nerds and nerds. The protagonist of this game is a pet dude who is not very popular in school. Everyone bashes him and mocks him. Especially he is bothered by the local sports dude who makes our hero do his homework. He has a girlfriend - a gorgeous and huge-chested blonde. The protagonist really wants to fuck her in the tight butt, but this is just a dream. Suddenly everything changes. From the back room door shows some kind of a bearded dude. He gives the student a book of spells. And he says that now the dude will be able to do magic. And it is. With the help of the book of spells dude will be able to beat his enemies and fuck huge-chested blonde. To do this you have to start playing right now.

Tags: hentai, funny, student, humor, 3 on 1, tortue, cake, george
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Frankie Nourish and Bloo

This short animated parody will make happy not only the adult admirers of"Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" cartoon series but also all who enjoys watching sexy redhead teenage getting fucked by someone unusual. And as you have probably already guessed the kinky redhead is non other than Frankie while the"someone unusual" is going to be her friend Bloo! So get ready to witness an invcredible event - today Bloo has somehow talked Frankie into having hook-up with him but barely our always so tough heroine were expecting how intense Bloo becomes when it comes to fucking! A little bit of humor, familiar characters, nice animation and here goes one more parody which has all the chances to become new addition to your dearest parodies list!

Tags: hentai, cumshot, redhead, parody, funny, humor, frankie, bloo, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Categories: Adult Flash Game
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Adult Flash Game Adult Flash Game

Kittle sir

A young dark haired in a red T-shirt and shorts is lying on a large bed. Sometimes she gets bored and she starts to move. Definitely a dark haired waiting for something special. Then let's give her something interesting. Look at the feather. Now take it in arm. After that, start to tickle the dark haired. Mm.. She starts laughing with tickling. Wow.. Her T-shirt has exposed her breasts. It is getting interesting. Now you have to tickle the female so that she starts to undress. For starters, she will take off her shorts and then a t-shirt. After that, tickle her beaver and the woman will masturbate. Do you like what you see? Then continue to tickle the dark-haired in her intimate places until the woman reaches orgasm. Let's start the game right now. g

Tags: brunette, funny, bed, erotic, tickle, red underwear, real model
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Adult Flash Game Adult Flash Game

Pippi Longstocking And 4 Lozers

Pippi Longstocking is a redhead chick who is quite wild woman in the original stories so you can just imagine how nasty she can become in the hentai parody! But why imagining when you can see and try such hentai parody right here and now? So click the play button and see how this chesty (yep, now she is chesty too!) Redhead will deal with four different kinds of folks in her own manner! The events of this intercative parody are taking place after ten years of the original stories and now our heroine seems to relise all the wrongs she has done and now will try to behavoius as one good woman. Which actually might be a problem since her new amazing curves are attracting all the dudes from neighborhood and playing nice with them will barely work...

Tags: cumshot, big tits, redhead, parody, funny, pigtails, humor, pippi, longstocking
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Steven Universe Porn Video Steven Universe Porn

Pearl Takes It All

Tags: hentai, creampie, xray, parody, pov, animation, petite, funny, bareback, skinny, small tits, humor, shaved pussy, steven universe, voiced, pearl pierogi
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Pokemon Hentai Video Pokemon Hentai


Tags: cartoon, pokemon, ass, shemale, funny
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ReUpload League of Legends Hentai Video League of Legends Hentai

Akali caiu na trap da jinx kkkk

Tags: bondage, fetish, funny, lesbian, jinx, domination, tease, akali, crazy, league of legends, laugh, tickling, kda
Categories: League of Legends Hentai
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Princess Peach Hentai Video Princess Peach Hentai

Magical Sleepover U - Full Uncensored HD

Tags: hentai, parody, cartoon, anime, anal, fuck, ass, princess, tits, hardcore, funny, super, peach, mario
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Family Guy Porn Video Family Guy Porn

Family Guy Hentai - Backyard lesbians

Tags: porn, redhead, brunette, parody, cartoon, milf, hardcore, funny, lesbian, drawnhentai, griffin, lois, outdoor, family guy, backyard
Categories: Family Guy Porn
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Archer Porn Video Archer Porn

Archer Sex Video

Tags: hentai, creampie, brunette, parody, cartoon, blowjob, funny, lana, agent, archer, hotel
Categories: Archer Porn
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Futurama Porn Video Futurama Porn

Futurama Porn

Tags: hentai, cumshot, big cock, big tits, cartoon, animation, blowjob, handjob, drawn, funny, sex, nude, lingerie, futurama, uniform, captain, date, clothed, leela turanga, zapp brannigan
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Adventure Time Porn Video Adventure Time Porn

Adventure Time hentai - Bikini Babes time!

Tags: hentai, porn, parody, cartoon, anime, hardcore, funny, time, adventure, orgy, drawnhentai, bikini, finn
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Final Fantasy Hentai Video Final Fantasy Hentai

HentaiVR preview FFVII tifa lockhart sex (pov+sound)

Tags: hentai, pov, cosplay, amateur, final fantasy, hd porn, point of view
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ReUpload Life is Strange Hentai Video Life is Strange Hentai

Sex Exchange - Life Is Strange [BDKMV]

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Family Guy Porn Video Family Guy Porn


Tags: big boobs, redhead, cartoon, blowjob, milf, bareback, crossover, housewife, oral sex, lois griffin, family guy, cheating, bouncing boobs, american dad, old and young
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Steven Universe Porn Video Steven Universe Porn

lapis x peridot

Tags: hentai, cartoon, squirt, squirting, orgasm, petite, lesbian, dp, lapis, cute, peridot, tentacles, double penetration, small tits, wet pussy, romantic, steven universe
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ReUpload Harry Potter Hentai Video Harry Potter Porn

Harry Potter and Hermione The Milf

Tags: hentai, parody, blowjob, boobs, tits, gameplay, oral, group, meet and fuck, humor, huge tits, harry potter
Categories: Harry Potter Hentai
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