Insatiable Canyon: Zombies

    In this interesting flash game you will learn the story of how people live after a global catastrophe. The post-apocalyptic globe is quite tough to get through. Many mutants live in enormous wastelands. Therefore a youthfull and huge-boobed doll went to collect some garbage to melt it into metal. Her path lies through a deep canyon. Suddenly, a group of monsters leap out of the cave and assault a doll. She's screaming. The protagonist of the game - a brutal dude who hunts monsters hears the cries of a doll and hurries to provide help. He kills monsters and saves the doll. Now she is prepared to repay him in utter. The doll takes the man to the basement and strips. Wow.. Her gorgeous and big baps. The doll embarks to make a fat dick. And after a couple of minutes, the couple is engaged in lecherous fuck-a-thon...
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Sex Kitten: Jungle Mayhem

Sex Kitten game series goes to the rainforests - it is time for Jungle Mayhem! Just as always your girlfriend Slutty McSlut needs something out of you. Even if she is sleeping and not even told you anything today you already can go explore the area, talk with different crazy characters, earn cash and get some magic goods. Each character you meet will have a different personality, demands and soemtimes even quiz for you. Fulfill whatever they need (because in case you don't then prepare to loose your wellbeing ) to get whatever you need... plus plenty of crazy manga porn pictures with various characters doing some kinky things of course! And you ought to know that after visiting this jungle you might begin to think that Slutty McSlut is not so lousy girlfriend after all...

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Heart Breaker

See that dude? He claims to be a legitimate heartbreaker of this town! He is pretty sure that he can break the heart of almost any alluring chick he will meet on his way. But ofcourse he will need some help from the player which is you. All that you need to do is to navigate him through the city streets and try to pick up all the usefull items that he can afterwards use to pick up a gal. Each gal has her own interests so each item will work only with a specific gal. Moreover, you will have to choose one of pickup lines that you think suits the most appropriate for the situation. Well, if it sounds a little bit hard for you then don't worry - you will get the idea during the play. Just be siure not to miss any important items because in the event that you may forget or miss something you will have to restart.

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Franks adventure 4 Glamourville

Frank is ready to spend his vacation in Glamourville! Are you ready to join him? Well, by linking him we mean you will be enjoying as Frank. It's possible to explore the city - just use arrow keys to navigate Frank. But be carefull when crossing the street - Frank has limited quantity of lives and being hit by a truck will absolutely reduce them. Of course there will be a great deal of different buildings in the city - some of them are able to be entered for completing quest or just for fun. You will meet a great deal of people in the streets - touch them to embark talking (usually to find out what type of quest you will need to zccomplish for them) or just step aside to contimue researching. We won't be telling you of all spicy scenarios and uncommon adventures you may get to - it will be more interesting to find out yourself!

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Basement of Cataclysm [v 4]

Life flowed peacefully and calmly in an underground city until monsters began to show up from under the earth. She got to the miners and killed them. And they pounded by force and burned their figures on fire. Soon they will reach the city and kill all the inhabitants. The queen calls warriors to arms. You are one of the recruits. First you have to follow the instructions. After that, go to the city gates. There is a guard waiting for you there. You must pass the combat test. To do this, use the attack, defense and magic to overcome the guard. After that, your path is free. You must go in search of venture and find a way to overcome the monsters. In your adventures you will get into different situations - find the ideal way out of your tries.

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