Gotham City Sirens? It's more like Gotham City Sluts! But let's not rush too much forward and get to the details of this hentai parody game involving three of the hottest and baddest ladies that Gotham City has ever seen - Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Poison Ivy! Tonight they will unite their powers and talnets once again and this will let them to capture non other than Commisioner Gordon himself! But ofcourse this was just part of the plan and they need him only as the bait for someone bigger to catch - our super-naughty girls are planning to deal with Batman. Is this some sort of perverted girls night out or they really planning to shake the order settled in Gotham by defeating it's main protector once and for all? Play the game to find out... and to enjoy a lot of intercative hump scenes with your beloved heroes ofcourse!
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Best Hentai Game EVER!

Travel through cities, earn the respect of local babes, and add them to your extensive list of sexy conquests. Oil tycoon or a fitness club owner? Relive your dream of becoming a serious businessman, upgrade your crib and bang the horniest babes in the filthiest of positions. Filthy nurses, sex-crazed teachers, needy secretaries and anime girls will satisfy even the most experienced hentai lover. Show them is the sex gangster! Try it today!
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Gwen Show

This is tremendously great made animation as a parody about Ben 10 series. Ben and Gwen are alone in the room. Gwen is sleeping and Ben can't stop looking at her sexy ass. Finally he starts to caress that ass and their sexual games can begin.

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Arkham ASSylum

"Arkham ASSylum" is obvioulsy the inetractive hentai parody on one of the mopst succesfull and worshippers favourite videogame about Batman -"The Arkham Asylum". Yet if during the original game you were playing as the Drak Knight himself and kicked all the bad gusy in the end here you are going to witness the alternative version of the story. No, you still are going to see the world through the main hero's eyes yet this time he got himself captured and locked in one of prison cells with one purpose only - so the Harley Quinn could have a massive hard weenie to play with at any time she wants! Oh, and she will want to play with a lot... Enjoy colorfull and well animated bang-out scenes with one of the hottest, craziest and sluttiest DC chicks from first person perspective!

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In this flash game you will learn the story about depraved and really hot homosexuals with big weenies. So look at the game screen. Then choose one of the three homosexuals. In order to interact with the game, use the mouse and keyboard. After that you have to use the keyboard keys that will appear at the prompts on the screen. You see a fat male dick. To masturbate it off, press the keys. The more you push the keys, the more sticky and warm jelly will be on the gay face. Put him down in such a perverse way. After that, the game moves to another level and you can splash sperm on the face of another gay. If you like such a depraved plan do it right now.

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Rock Candy [Ellie's Exorbitant Extrication]

An inbetween projects project that got a bit too much attention. It's not that long, so enjoy it for what it is! This is a follow up to Rudolf's Revenge. What will happen? Thanks a lot to FallowWing who helped me code this thing. He did a great job.

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This visual novel is about a guy who had his ups and downs in his life yet all of them will not be even near of what he will get into when he will accept the simple job from his friend. Together they are supposed to do some construction working at some pretty fancy villa where main character (which you are playing as and even can give him the name whatever you will want to) happens to meet a couple of beautiful ladies relaxing in the waterpool. But before falling too deep into romantic feelings you should know that one of them - the gal from the title of this game named Alexandra - is actually the daughter of some criminal boss. And even though she has nothing to do with his business this fact still could provide you with certain troubles...

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Lola's Adventure Chap 4

The adventures of beautiful doll named Lola and her friend Rose are going to continue in chapter number four. If you have been playing through the previous chapters (and it is recommended to do since this whole game is story driven) then you know that Lola is having quite unique problem - pretty much every male that she meets wants to fuck her! And this is not only because she is hot looking and have nice curves but because of some magical spell or even curse that was put on her. And today Lola and Rose are going to conitnue their quest on fidniding the way to cure Lola from it... and ofcourse they will get fucked quite a lot till this moment! And in order to keep you even more interested you should know that this time they are going to meet orcs!

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Wheel of Wonder Fuck

During her exploration of the world the amazon from forbidden island which we all know as Wonder Woman has heard many things about such thing as"television". And one of the most inetresting TV shows for her seemed to be"Wheel of Fortune" so once she was invited to play the main part in the next epsiode she was really excited... but what she didn't know is that it was supposed to be a very special edition of the showcase and that the only winners here are the viewres who will finally get the chnace to see famous Wonder Woman without clothes! But ofcourse the game is in the first place so you will need to rotate the will that will step by step define which one exactly piece of her armor and clotehs Wonder Woman will loose next... before she will get fucked!

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